In the bustling city of Mumbai, on a night of anticipation and celebration, Galaxy Freight soared to new heights at the Wings of Excellence Awards Night hosted by Cathay Cargo on October 26th. The significance of this accolade goes beyond the glittering ceremony; it is a symbol of distinction within the cargo and logistics industry, highlighting Galaxy Freight as a standout player.

Cathay Cargo: A Partnership Beyond Measure:

At the heart of Galaxy Freight’s success story lies a crucial partnership with Cathay Cargo, an epitome of efficiency and reliability in tailored cargo services. This recognition at the Wings of Excellence Awards is a testament to the exceptional achievements and contributions that have set both companies apart in the competitive industry.

Milestone in Partnership:

The Wings of Excellence Award is not just an acknowledgment but a pivotal milestone in the enduring partnership between Galaxy Freight and Cathay Cargo. It underscores the commitment and exceptional contributions made by Galaxy Freight, reinforcing the strength and success of their collaboration.

Gratitude to the Cathay Cargo Team:

Wings of Excellence Awards Moment

Expressing genuine gratitude to the Cathay Cargo team is not a mere formality; it’s a sincere acknowledgment of the collaborative effort that led to this prestigious recognition. The award serves as a reminder of the importance of teamwork and shared commitment to excellence that defines this successful partnership.

Distinguished Presence at the Awards:

Wings of Excellence Awards Moment

The Awards Night was graced by the notable presence of key individuals from Cathay Pacific Airways, adding an extra layer of significance to the event:

  • Mr. Arpan Heryani, Area Cargo Manager: His role in managing cargo operations in Western India, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana underscores the regional impact and success of the partnership.
  • Mr. Fardeen Malbarwala, Notable Contributor: Recognized for his contributions to collaborative success, his presence reflects the individual efforts and expertise pivotal in achieving excellence.
  • Mr. M Afzal Malbarwala, Stalwart in the Partnership: Acknowledged for solidifying and strengthening the partnership, his presence adds gravitas, showcasing long-term commitment and expertise.
  • Mr. Rajesh Menon, Regional Head of Cargo: Overseeing operations in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, his presence reinforces the international standing of the Wings of Excellence Award.

Motivation for Future Success:

Galaxy Freight’s success is a collective triumph, fueled by the dedication of the entire team. The Wings of Excellence Award serves as a motivational force, inspiring the team to reach even greater heights in future endeavors within the dynamic cargo logistics industry.

Importance of Collaboration:

Reflecting on this moment of celebration, there’s a recognition of the vital role that collaboration and partnership play in the dynamic and ever-evolving cargo and logistics industry. The success achieved is not just an individual triumph but a collective victory, emphasizing the power of working together.

Commitment to Future Endeavors:

As the curtains fall on the Wings of Excellence Awards Night, Galaxy Freight’s commitment to enhancing and nurturing the partnership with Cathay Cargo remains unwavering. The award is a promise to continue raising the bar and achieving excellence in cargo logistics, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their journey.