Dangerous Goods in Shipping Radioactive Substances

Worried about compliances and documentation?

We have got you covered!

  • We make sure the items are sea-transportable. 
  • Classify all dangerous goods, including packaging, marking, labelling, and documentation. 
  • Obtain necessary shipping paperwork, including bill of lading, hazardous goods declaration, and safety data sheet, and submit them to the carrier and the appropriate authorities.

To begin, hazardous materials must be packaged and labelled correctly. The containers should be robust enough to resist the rough seas. Next, the freight is put aboard the ship, where it will remain under close surveillance the whole time. And with fire extinguishers and other safety gear on hand, our team is well-prepared for any emergency.

We handle Dangerous Goods from classes 1 to 9, including radioactive substances.

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Don't let the fear of regulations and safety concerns hold you back from the benefits of shipping dangerous goods via sea. Trust our knowledge and international standards to carry your shipment safely and efficiently. We can handle your next dangerous products shipment, giving you peace of mind.