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Consulting Packaging Structural

We begin by working with you to create a structural design that is tailored to your specific product.

Consulting Packaging Check

We then create a prototype of the packaging to ensure that it meets your requirements and is fit for the purpose.

Consulting Packaging Shipping

Once the design is finalized, we optimize the cube and load plan, reducing shipping costs and ensuring that the product arrives in perfect condition.

Consulting Packaging Testing

We also offer a box sample review and appraisal service to see and test the packaging before it goes into production.

Consulting Packaging Strong Package

Our team also conducts material and box testing to ensure that the packaging is strong enough to protect your product during transit.

Consulting Packaging Efficient Packaging

We also provide structural layouts and die-lines to ensure that your product is packaged in the most efficient way possible.

Consulting Packaging Press Approval

Finally, we provide colour standards and press approvals to ensure that your product’s packaging is consistent and in line with your branding.



Consulting Packaging Cost Savings

Unlocking seamless logistics to drive cost-savings

We ensure efficiency in every step of the way, from vendor and factory training to SKU-by-SKU or order-by-order review and approval of packaging details. And we track and report savings on materials, freight, and labor as key performance indicators.  

Our regional core-team :

  • Account managers and packaging engineering in USA/ UK/ HK
  • Co-packing and fulfilment in centres across South East Asia
  • PAC-D office and technical centre in Shenzhen, China
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Join us on our mission to revolutionize packaging
And pave the way for a sustainable future

Our goal is to finance initiatives that replace plastic packaging with eco-friendly and biodegradable options.