Pharmaceutical Logistics with Unmatched Air Freight Network

At Galaxy Freight, we offer unparalleled pharmaceutical logistics services, supported by our extensive air freight network and dedicated customs brokerage team. As a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Certified provider, we ensure the highest quality standards throughout the distribution process, maintaining the integrity of pharmaceutical products at all times. Our expertise in global shipment management covers highly perishable, expensive, and time-sensitive medications. We employ advanced packaging solutions, continuous temperature monitoring, and secure shipping practices to preserve drug efficacy from origin to destination. Our mission is to guarantee that consumers have access to safe and effective medications at their local pharmacies, mitigating risks in a high-stakes industry.

Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions

We collaborate with life sciences and healthcare companies in India, providing logistics for chemicals, diagnostics, biotechnology clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and clinical research organizations (CRO). Our end-to-end services include handling active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and bulk medications with temperature-controlled facilities, in-house packaging, and specialized customs clearance crews. We also support pharmaceutical ancillary companies, offering logistics for biotechnology, chemotherapy, injectables, diagnostic products, and medical devices. Our commitment to mitigating uncertainty and complexity in pharmaceutical supply chains boosts operational efficiency, ensuring lifesaving medicines reach their destinations promptly. Galaxy Freight’s pharmaceutical air freight services are designed to meet the highest standards, delivering critical healthcare solutions worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Supply Chain

Pharma logistics management down to temperature maintenance

We are experts in the global shipment of medications, which are very perishable, expensive, and time-sensitive. We rely on the proper selection of packaging, constant temperature monitoring, and safe shipping all through the supply chain to keep the drugs effective. The goal is to ensure that consumers have access to effective and secure goods in their nearest drugstore.

Risking a negative result is not an option when the stakes are high.

We collaborate with life sciences and healthcare companies in India to supply chemicals, diagnostics, biotechnology clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and clinical research organisations(CRO).

When it comes to API and bulk medication handling in India, we have you covered from start to finish with temperature-controlled facilities, in-house packaging, and a specialised customs clearance crew at each of our stations.

Our services are also widely utilised by pharmaceutical ancillary companies, such as

Pharmaceutical Logistics Biotechnology


Our logistics services are essential for biotechnology companies, handling sensitive products such as chemotherapy drugs and injectables. These items require stringent temperature control and secure handling to maintain their efficacy. We provide specialized packaging, continuous monitoring, and fast, reliable transportation to ensure these critical products reach their destinations in optimal condition. Our expertise ensures compliance with all regulations and standards, safeguarding the integrity of your biotechnological products from origin to end-user.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Diagnostics

Diagnostic Products

Galaxy Freight excels in transporting diagnostic products, including laboratory equipment, blood analysers, diagnostic screening products, testing kits, and blood analysis systems. These items are crucial for accurate medical testing and require precise handling and timely delivery. We offer temperature-controlled shipping, secure packaging, and real-time tracking to ensure that diagnostic products are delivered intact and functional. Our services support laboratories and healthcare facilities in maintaining their diagnostic capabilities without interruption.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Medical Devices

Medical Devices

We provide comprehensive logistics solutions for medical devices such as thermometers and blood sugar meters. These devices are essential for patient care and must be transported with great care to avoid damage. Our services include secure packaging, timely delivery, and compliance with all regulatory requirements. We ensure that medical devices arrive ready for use, supporting healthcare providers in delivering accurate and efficient patient care.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Clinical Research

Clinical Research Organisations

Galaxy Freight partners with Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) to facilitate the movement of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) under strict temperature control. These ingredients are critical for drug development and clinical trials, requiring precise environmental conditions to maintain their stability and efficacy. Our logistics services include temperature-controlled storage and transportation, specialized packaging, and dedicated customs clearance support. We ensure that APIs are delivered to research facilities on time and in perfect condition, aiding in the advancement of medical research and development.

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