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Project Overview

  • Client: Shanghai Electric Machinery
  • Project Completion Date: August 31

Cargo Details

  • Total cargo: 48 iron wooden boxes
  • Total weight: 708 tons
  • Total volume: 1,476 cubic meters
  • Four ultra-wide, high, and heavy packages

Largest package: 117 metric tons, 740 cm width, 527 cm height

Challenges Faced

● Transportation Limitations: Due to the nature of the cargo, limitations in highway transportation were considered.
● Proximity to Inland River: The factory was located near the Inland River, providing an alternative mode of transportation.
● Availability of Railway and Lifting Equipment: The factory had railway access and lifting equipment, making it a viable option for cargo handling.

CS Shanghai completed a complex freight project for Shanghai Electric Machinery. This involved transporting 48 iron and wooden boxes weighing a total of 708 tons and measuring 1,476 cubic meters. Notably, four of these boxes were oversized, with the largest one measuring 117 meters in length, 740 cm in width, and 527 cm in height.

To overcome highway transportation limitations and leverage proximity to an Inland River, the factory opted for barge transport to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Wharf, where the cargo was loaded onto a bulk vessel bound for Chennai, India.

Key Milestones


Milestone 1 (July 26): Cargo loaded onto the barge without issues.


Milestone 2 (August 15): Cargo unloading and departure from the wharf.

Success Factors


Effective coordination among the shipper, consignee, CS Shanghai, and Galaxy Cargo Services.


Galaxy Cargo Services played a crucial role in ensuring smooth import processes, coordinating with all parties, overseeing cargo unloading, and handling terminal charges promptly.


Despite numerous challenges, the successful completion of the special freight project for Shanghai Electric Machinery was made possible through effective coordination and cooperation among all parties involved. The project serves as a testament to the capabilities of CS Shanghai and Galaxy Cargo Services and sets the stage for potential future collaborations with the client.