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Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. (GFPL) recently faced a special logistics challenge when tasked with shipping an odd-dimension cargo from Bombay (BOM) to Riyadh. The load possessed an irregular size and a unique structure, requiring special transportation arrangements.

This case study explores how GFPL successfully managed this complex shipment, highlighting the approach, solutions, and outcomes.


Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd., a leading logistics company, specializes in handling diverse freight requirements for clients worldwide.


Odd size and unique structure:The cargo's irregular dimensions and unique structure presented challenges in finding suitable transportation options and ensuring its safe and secure delivery.

Weight Limitations: GFPL had to contend with the cargo's weight, which measured 36 tons. Finding a suitable aircraft capable of accommodating the cargo was crucial.



Special Cargo Freighter

Recognizing the unique requirements of odd-dimension cargo, GFPL decided to charter a specially equipped cargo freighter capable of accommodating such non-standard shipments. This choice ensured adequate space and safety for the cargo during transportation.


Customized Cargo Handling

GFPL's team of experts meticulously analyzed the cargo's structure and devised customized handling procedures.


Perfect Coordination

Efficient coordination with airports and ground handling staff enabled seamless loading, unloading, and transit processes.



Successful Transportation

GFPL's meticulous planning and customized solutions resulted in the safe and secure transportation of the odd-dimension cargo from Bombay to Riyadh.


Timely Delivery

Despite the complex nature of the shipment, GFPL adhered to the client's timeline, ensuring the cargo reached Riyadh within the specified timeframe.


Customer Satisfaction

The successful handling of the unique cargo showcased GFPL's expertise, instilling confidence in the client and strengthening the business relationship.


Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. demonstrated its capabilities in overcoming complex logistics challenges by successfully shipping an odd-dimension cargo from Bombay to Riyadh. The utilization of a specialized cargo freighter, customized handling procedures, careful weight distribution, efficient route planning, and timely execution contributed to the safe and successful transportation of the cargo.

This case study exemplifies GFPL's commitment to providing innovative and reliable logistics solutions for unique and non-standard shipments.