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Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Chennai

Job Description

Galaxy Freight is seeking a skilled and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Sea Import Assistant Manager, specializing in pricing and operations. The ideal candidate will possess comprehensive knowledge of direct liner bookings for export shipments, as well as expertise in pricing strategies and documentation management related to sea import operations. This role will support the Sea Import Manager in overseeing pricing, documentation, and operational processes to ensure the efficient and cost-effective handling of sea import shipments.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Direct Liner Bookings: Assist in managing direct liner bookings for sea import shipments, collaborating with shipping lines to secure optimal routes, schedules, and rates. Ensure timely and accurate booking confirmation and documentation.
  • Pricing Strategy: Support the development and implementation of pricing strategies for sea import shipments, analyzing market conditions, competitive trends, and customer requirements. Assist in monitoring pricing dynamics and adjusting strategies as needed to maintain competitiveness.
  • Documentation Management: Assist in overseeing the documentation process for sea import shipments, including the preparation, verification, and processing of shipping documents in compliance with regulatory requirements and company standards. Ensure completeness and accuracy of documentation to facilitate customs clearance and cargo delivery.
  • Operations Support: Provide support to the Sea Import Manager in managing day-to-day operational activities, including shipment tracking, coordination with internal departments, and resolution of operational issues. Assist in optimizing processes to enhance efficiency and customer service levels.
  • Customer Interaction: Interact with clients to understand their import requirements, address inquiries, and provide assistance with pricing, documentation, and shipment status updates. Collaborate closely with the sales and customer service teams to ensure prompt and effective communication with clients.
  • Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency enhancement within the sea import department. Contribute ideas and suggestions to streamline workflows, reduce costs, and improve service quality.


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